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Volunteering School in Kyiv Region

January 23, 2024.

    From January 19 to 21, 2024, the "Volunteering School" took place in the youth space of the town of Rokytno at "Space of Changes." The event was organized by the public organization "City of Changes" with the aim of providing participants with all the necessary tools and knowledge for effective and active volunteering. Over the course of three days, participants had the opportunity to study and discuss various aspects of volunteering.
    The event program included:
    Day 1: Opening of the event, lecture on the "Basics of Volunteering," group activity "Personal Goals of Volunteering," communication training session.
    Day 2: Lecture on "Leadership in Volunteering," practical training and role-playing games, master class "Organization of Volunteer Events," group projects.
    Day 3: Lecture on "Creating a Volunteer Community," development of volunteer projects, official completion, and certificate presentation.
    Throughout the training, participants familiarized themselves with the fundamental aspects of volunteering and the necessary tools for making a significant contribution to community life. Participants gained knowledge about the history and basics of volunteering, exchanged valuable experiences, and enriched their awareness of the importance of volunteering. Specifically, the role of leadership as a necessary element of volunteering, community, and personal life was discussed. Participants thoroughly studied the essential qualities of a leader, methods for their development, and the role of a leader in the successful implementation of volunteer initiatives.
    During group work, various directions of volunteering were considered, within which participants developed and presented ideas for volunteer projects aimed at improving the community. Each participant took part in creating a volunteer project that could be implemented in the future. Before developing volunteer projects, participants were introduced to the components of a successful project concept, contributing to the creation of initiatives.
    As a result of the "Volunteering School," two volunteer projects were developed, with the potential to bring about positive changes and contribute to community development. This event was identified as a successful step in forming an active volunteer community.
    The event is part of the project "Youth for Youth - Activation of Youth in the town of Rokytno, Kyiv Region," implemented by the NGO "City of Changes" within the grant program "KEEP" by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in partnership with the public organization YouthUp, with the support of the EU and the German Development Bank KfW.

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