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Social project BRAMA

February 15, 2024.

    As reported by the employees of the cybercrime resistance department in the city of Kyiv, inspectors Prontenko Liliya and Osadcha Natalia, due to the fact that on September 1, 2023, the President of Ukraine presented an innovative educational digital project "Dream" for Ukrainian schoolchildren, their parents, and educators, there was a need for rebranding of our existing project.
    Rebranding also includes communication relaunch, namely the production and placement of new informational and advertising materials to attract more interested active citizens.
    In addition, we plan to provoke a new wave of attention to the MRIYA project, improve communication with users, attract new ones, and activate existing ones. It was decided to rebrand the project, which will include both the replacement of visual elements and a communication strategy.
    Overall, the inspectors provided comments on why specifically BRAMA.
    First of all, the gate is a gate that protects against danger and closes us off from negative influences.
    BRAMA is the synergy of citizens, private, and public sectors in countering disinformation and illegal content in the information space.
    Our values:
    • transparency;
    • competence;
    • independence;
    • effectiveness.
    Our mission:
    • cleansing the information space from Russian propaganda and disinformation, destroying centers of illegal dissemination of unlawful and prohibited content.
    Our goals:
    • Elimination of Russian centers on the Internet.
    • Reducing the level of bullying and harassment online.
    • Resistance to drugs and fraud.
    • Education and training on cyber hygiene.
    • Public awareness of information hygiene.
    • Involvement and motivation of citizens to take an active civic position.
    To block a particular source, it is necessary to send complaints, and the more complaints there are, the more likely the source will be blocked. It is precisely for this purpose that we offer our users to become part of "BRAMA."
    The BRAMA project's activity is aimed at protecting the media space from Russian propaganda, blocking channels of disinformation, illegal, and banned content dissemination. The project also aims to improve media literacy among Ukrainians, reduce the impact of propaganda on society, and popularize safe internet behavior.
    What we offer to participants:
    The ability to report an unacceptable content source for subsequent mass complaint sending and subsequent blocking of such a source;
    Help block the source of unacceptable content by joining the mass complaint sending;
    Receive advice on media and cyber literacy;
    Be informed about dangerous scam schemes circulating on the network;
    Be aware of the fakes promoted by enemies in our media space.
    Also, we offer our participants entertaining content, which will allow them to take a break from tasks and rejoice with us at the successes of Ukrainian soldiers and the follies of our common enemy.
    So we invite you to join the social project "BRAMA" https://t.me/+w4kxmyvZCBNkYWEy, the largest information army, which has more than 170,000 citizens.
    As of January 2024, community members have blocked over 26,000 sources of unacceptable content. As seen from the statistics, there is still much work to be done, and we need the help of new concerned and active participants.

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