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March 22, 2024.

    Under the project "Accountability and Capacity-building for Customs Oversight and Reform Development" (ACCORD), financially supported by the European Union.
    Project Objective: to increase transparency, accountability, and effectiveness of the customs authorities of Ukraine and to modernize customs administration in line with EU standards and requirements.
    More information about the project can be found at the link provided.
    Also, within the project, registration is ongoing for an online course aimed at enhancing capacity and awareness in the field of monitoring the activities of the State Customs Service.
    About the Sub-Grants Competition
    Thematic priorities for participation in the competition include:
    Monitoring the operational activities and key indicators of the State Customs Service;
    Analysis of legislation and institutional reforms towards bringing the Ukrainian customs closer to EU standards;
    Implementation of public analytical tools for objective assessment of the effectiveness of customs authorities and customs service activities in general;
    Increasing awareness and competencies of the non-governmental sector in customs work;
    Strengthening dialogue and cooperation between government, civil society, and business for effective customs reform and operational activity alignment.
    These directions are prioritized but not exhaustive, so when submitting an application, it is advisable to pay attention to them and orient your project activities accordingly.
    Size of Sub-Grants: Within the competition, it is planned to provide 4 grants of up to EUR 56,500 each (the project's annual budget should not exceed EUR 22,600).
    Applicants should submit the project budget in EUR.
    The sub-grants are provided for the purpose of enhancing the capacity of NGOs to use open data, conduct monitoring, analyze, and compile relevant reports, as well as to promote and disseminate key project results and tools created by the project.
    Sub-Grant Implementation Period: June 1, 2024 – November 30, 2026.
    Sub-grant contracts will be signed with each organization for 2.5 years (30 months), subject to monitoring of activities and compliance with indicators as specified in the sub-grant agreement.
    Development of the potential and involvement of the non-governmental sector in customs reform processes.
    Strengthening influence on the effectiveness and rationality of decisions in the customs reform process by involving analytical centers in assessing the current situation and potential changes.
    Increasing the attention of the general public to issues related to customs reform and the impact of this process on the country's future development.
    Geography: NGOs applying for sub-grants can be from any region, but preference will be given to regions with the most active/busiest customs checkpoints for future monitoring and advocacy campaigns.
    Important! Commercial organizations, political parties, government institutions, and individuals will not be granted sub-grants under this competition.
    Criteria for Consideration of Grant Proposals by Competition Participants:
    Officially registered non-governmental (civil, charitable) organization in Ukraine with the status of non-profit organization obtained in accordance with the established legislation (non-profit code 0032).
    Properly completed grant proposal according to the application and budget forms (attached below), submitted on time and in the manner determined by this announcement (compliance with qualification criteria).
    Local NGOs/CSOs must have a team of at least 3 members that meets the requirements defined in the sub-grant terms.
    Experience in the required field and internal control capability for managing sub-grant funds, including a financial manager and bank account.
    To select the most appropriate and effective sub-grant, the commission will evaluate all received proposals according to the principles of non-discrimination, transparency, and fairness. Proposals for sub-grants may be subject to additional approval by representatives of the European Union. Selection results will be published by the project team and communicated to the winners personally.
    During the evaluation of applications, the competition commission will assess the general advantages and feasibility, as well as compliance with the criteria outlined below. All applications will be evaluated based on compliance with the competition requirements, institutional capacity, methodology and project activities, sustainability of results, and financial efficiency.
    Submission Procedure
    Project proposals with attachments should be submitted electronically to the address mail@iaa.org.ua no later than April 28, 2024. The subject of the email should indicate: "Application from [name of your organization] for the ACCORD competition."
    The final deadline for submission is April 28, 2024, 20:00 Kiev time. The project proposal should be completed and submitted in Ukrainian.
    In case of any questions regarding this announcement, please contact the email address mail@iaa.org.ua or panchenko@iaa.org.ua.

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