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Nova Doba newspaper about Kyiv and Kiev region



White Book of Memory. Price of Victory

April 12, 2024.

    In the heart of every Ukrainian burns the flame of patriotism, ignited by the courage and self-sacrifice of those who give their lives for the independence and freedom of their native land. The Rule of Law Foundation, together with the Kyiv Regional Newspaper "Nova Doba," have announced the launch of the "White Book of Memory. Price of Victory" project to honor the memory and pay tribute to the heroes who have fallen in the struggle for Ukraine's independence in the war with Russia since 2014 and up to the present day.
    In our first issue, we tell the life story of Maxim Tkachenko, a young Warrior - only 18 years old - who gave his life in battles in the Donbas. His sister, filled with grief but proud of Maxim, is currently collecting signatures under a petition to award Maxim the title of Hero of Ukraine.
    This is not only the story of one Warrior but also a symbol of dedication, strength, and readiness to give everything for one's people and country. Our project reflects the greatness and heroism of our defenders and obliges us not only to remember them but also to inspire the modern generation to defend the country so that we always remember that victory over the enemy is thanks to their self-sacrifice and endless patriotism.
    Link to the material: https://novadoba.kiev.ua/archives/14293

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