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*** October 26, 2005. Unlocking Europe’s full potential : Jose Manuel Barroso presents European Commission’s work programme for 2006 Today, the European Commission adopted its work programme for 2006, setting out its key priorities for the next year. The Commission Legislative and Work Pro ...>>>>>

*** October 26, 2005. PRESENTATION OF THE FINAL RESULTS OF THE EU FUNDED PROJECT ON FLOOD RISK ASSESSMENT AND MANAGEMENT IN ZAKARPATTIA OBLAST *** All media are invited to the final workshop of the EU funded project: ‘Flood risk assessment and management in Zakarpattia Oblast’. It will be ...>>>>>

*** October 20, 2005. All media are invited to the final workshop of the EU funded project: ‘Flood risk assessment and management in Zakarpattia Oblast’. It will be held on 10-11 November 2005 in the Hotel Druzhba conference room, Uzhgorod, Zakarpattia Oblast, Ukraine. Floods are bad news ...>>>>>

*** October 17, 2005. PLAN D! *** The European Commіssіon has launched іts Plan D (Democracy, Dіalogue, Debate) layіng the foundatіons for the profound debate about Europe's future whіch іs to take place іn the months to come. Faced wіth French and Dutch no votes on the European Constіtut ...>>>>>

*** October 15, 2005. Ukraine is getting ready to implement Kyoto mechanisms The two-day workshop devoted to Joint Implementation (JI) projects and greenhouse gases (GHG) registry was held in Odessa 29-30 September 2005. It was running under the auspices of the EU-funded TACIS project to a ...>>>>>

*** October 12, 2005. World Press Photo exhibition *** Between 15 October and 6 November the British Council Ukraine and Centre of Contemporary Art supported by Royal Netherlands Embassy in Kiev, Goethe-Institute in Kyiv, French Cultural centre, The Royal Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine, Worl ...>>>>>

*** October 12, 2005. Cambridge examinations in English *** Registration for the November-December session of the Cambridge examinations in English (KET. PET, FCE, CAE, CPE) will take place at the British Council from 10 till 21 October. For further information, please contact the exami ...>>>>>

*** October 11, 2005. Training Course for Managers (Administrators) in the Healthcare System of Ukraine One of the major factors for successful realization of the health reform in Ukraine is creations of a core of managers who have the appropriate level of knowledge and skills, and who are ...>>>>>

*** October 7, 2005. CIVIC EDUCATION EuropeAid/1186788/C/SV/UA Ukraine Civic Education Project PILOT OBLAST WORKSHOP 6 October 2005 Kyiv City In-service Teacher Training Institute after Boris Grinchenko Tychyny Street, Kyiv A Project workshop, organised by Cambridge Education an ...>>>>>

*** October 5, 2005. EC Delegation Kyiv, News *** The European Commission today issued this clarification, on the state of play concerning preparations for negotiations with Ukraine on visa facilitation: "The Commission submitted a draft negotiating mandate for visa facilitation to the ...>>>>>

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