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Nova Doba newspaper about Kyiv and Kiev region



*** November 2, 2004. EU Integration Process from East to East *** Between the 16th and the 20th of December 2004, the Department of Sociology http://stiinte.ulbsibiu.ro/sociologie http://stiinte.ulbsibiu.ro/sociologie of the "Lucian Blaga" http://www.ulbsibiu.ro/ University of Sibiu org ...>>>>>

*** November 2, 2004. Documentary report about human rights in Ukraine This autumn the project "Annual video-report about human rights in Ukraine" is started by The Rule of law foundation with Ukrainian Helsinki group on human rights, under financial support of the International Renaissanc ...>>>>>

*** November 2, 2004. The Rule of law foundation and the program Assistance to the Parliament of Ukraine of the Indiana University The Agreement concerns to the cooperation on project "Parliamentary club NGO" on the following 2004/2005. The Agreement is expected to realize the general meet ...>>>>>

*** November 2, 2004. Declaration by the Presidency of the European Union on the presidential elections of 31 October 2004 in Ukraine *** The Presidency of the European Union regrets that the presidential elections in Ukraine did not meet a considerable number of OSCE, Council of Europe an ...>>>>>

*** November 2, 2004. ABOUT PROJEKT THE «PARLIAMENTARY NGO CLUB» *** DEAR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, Permit me to call your attention to the «Parliamentary NGO Club» Project initiated by the «Rule of Law» Foundation and the «Eurasia» Fund. What is the kernel of it? Non-governmental organizat ...>>>>>

*** November 2, 2004. Presidential Day 2004 May Enter the Book of Records of Ukraine *** "Presidential Day 2004" event opened at UNIAN from October 31 (2 p.m.) to November 1 (1 p.m.) may be recognized as the longest press conference in the history of Ukraine, and enter the "Book of Records ...>>>>>

*** November 1, 2004. And tomorrow was… (IMI) Without any exaggeration, this election campaign was unprecedented in many respects. Ukraine has never witnessed so great a mass of information, political technologies, manipulations and social tension. This election can be somehow compared to ...>>>>>

*** October 28, 2004. Call for Proposals for the Ambassador's Fund for Cultural Preservation The U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs is pleased to anounce a call for proposals for the 2004 Ambassador's Fund for Cultural Preservation Program. The Fund was e ...>>>>>

*** October 28, 2004. 5 Kanal went on hunger strike # Yesterday, on 9:05 p.m. in the program “Tchas” Andriy Shevtchenko announced the staff of 5 Kanal (The 5th Channel) went on hunger strike. The journalists are protesting against the pressure onto the TV channel. The decision was made by ...>>>>>

*** October 28, 2004. Kharkiv journalist apartment searched # Yesterday, on 25 October, journalist and editor in chief of the Kharkiv weekly “Objective-No” Nahalia Statsivko filed a statement to the police department denouncing the unapproved searching with which the police had proceeded i ...>>>>>

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