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Nova Doba newspaper about Kyiv and Kiev region



*** December 30, 2004. Dear friends, *** Please, accept my sincere congratulations on the New Year and Christmas – top and bright marks in the constellation of events and dates which are dear to all of us. These celebrations raise us over the everyday routine, paint our lives with uniqu ...>>>>>

*** December 29, 2004. New Trainings Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) *** 1. Open House Sessіons - Anthropology, February 28 - March 4, 2005 (deadlіne for applіcatіons: January 10, 2005). 2. Course Іnnovatіon Sessіons: Hіstory: "Wrіtіng Hіstory of the Russіan Empіre and the Sovіet U ...>>>>>

*** December 28, 2004. This is a press release from the European Commission *** Statement by Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the Europan Commission, on the Presidential Elections in Ukraine on 26 December 2004 Yesterday was a good day for Ukraine and for democracy. I welcome the preli ...>>>>>

*** December 27, 2004. Ukrainians elect Yushchenko president *** With 99.77% of the votes counted in the re-run of Ukraine's elections, opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko is assured of becoming the eastern European country's next president. More than three quarters of the 37 mill ...>>>>>

*** December 24, 2004. Contact Making Seminar *** 'Path to Equality Land' 17-22 February 2005 Tbilisi, Georgia The primary aim of the activity is the creation of an international network that can let growing a new consciousness about women rights. The contact-making seminar will be ...>>>>>

*** December 24, 2004. Statement by Javier SOLANA, EU High Representative for the CFSP on the forthcoming Presidential Elections in Ukraine *** Javier SOLANA, EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), made today the following statement with regard to the rep ...>>>>>

*** December 22, 2004. The European Union project, “Support to the Election Process in Ukraine” continues its cooperation with the Central Election Commission before the repeat voting of the second round of the Election of the President of Ukraine on December 26, 2004, *** Аnd has produced ...>>>>>

*** December 21, 2004. Yushchenko attacks, Yanukovich ducks in TV debate ahead of rerun vote *** KIEV (AFP) - Ukraine opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko hammered his presidential rival for stealing votes as the two men faced off during their sole televised debate days ahead of a historic ...>>>>>

*** December 18, 2004. European Council 17 December 2004 1. The leaders and people of Ukraine are to be commended for having found a peaceful solution to the political crisis in their country. This was done within the legal framework of Ukraine and respecting territorial integrity of the c ...>>>>>

*** December 15, 2004. Council of Europe is shocked by Yuschenko poisoning *** The Council of Europe is shocked by the news on dioxins poisoning of opposition presidential candidate Victor Yuschenko. “It is really shocking news and it disturbs us as well as it does disturb Ukrainian peo ...>>>>>

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