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*** February 1, 2005. Verhovna Rada Gave in to Demands of Militarians *** Today under the walls of Verhovna Rada about thousand representatives of the Union of the Soviet officers gathered with requirement to cancel restrictions on increase of pensions of former military men. Today unde ...>>>>>

*** January 31, 2005. Action Invited on the Declaration from International Summit onChildren, Poverty and Violence *** On October 22 and 23, 2004, recognized specialists and leading experts representing 17 different countries from Africa, Asia, North America, Latin America and Europe met ...>>>>>

*** January 28, 2005. Vadim Karasev: Timoshenko is 100 % prime minister *** Yulia Timoshenko has good chances that her nominee for the post of the prime minister of Ukraine will be voted in parliament. Yulia Timoshenko has good chances of the parliament voting her nominee on a post of t ...>>>>>

*** January 26, 2005. Yuschenko almighty *** translated by Gennady Kornev *** Original article in Ukrainian by Leonid Amhcuk Things are not yet ready for the move in Victor Yuschenko’s office on Borychiv Tyk, 22a. The joint meeting of Our Ukraine block leaders and representatives of th ...>>>>>

*** January 25, 2005. Kinah pretend to the post of The Vice-premier *** Mignews.com.ua Chairman of Ukrainian union of industrialists and businessmen Anatoly Kinah does not exclude an opportunity he could hold a post of the Vice-prime minister on the questions of industrial policy. In ...>>>>>

*** January 24, 2005. Zinchenko is appointed the state Secretary of the President, Poroshenko -secretary of the Council of National Security and Defence *** The president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko before leaving for Moscow signed some decrees on personnel. The president of Ukraine V ...>>>>>

*** January 24, 2005. Zaporozhie: Tents camp near Regional State Administration grew up by two tents more *** Tents camp near Regional State Administration grew up by two tents more and makes five tents in total. Pavel Broide, the Head of Tutorial council of “Slavonic Guards”, social and p ...>>>>>

*** January 21, 2005. Commіssіoner Ferrero-Waldner at іnauguratіon of Presіdent Yushchenko *** European Commіssіoner for External Relatіons and European Neіghbourhood Polіcy, Benіta Ferrero-Waldner, wіll attend the іnauguratіon of Presіdent Yushchenko іn Kіev on Sunday. The new Presіdent і ...>>>>>

*** January 21, 2005. Javier SOLANA, EU High Representative for the CFSP,to visit Ukraine *** 21 January 2005 Javier SOLANA, EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), is travelling to Kiev on Friday, 21 January, for a number of meetings with Ukrainian lead ...>>>>>

*** January 20, 2005. European Commission to award grants to help implement European Integration projects at universities *** The European Commission has launched a new call for projects under its Jean Monnet Action. It will award grants to help academic institutions implement European in ...>>>>>

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