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*** July 8, 2005. Erasmus Mundus: European universities to welcome 23 Ukrainian graduates and academics to study and teach in the EU in 2005-2006 *** The European Commission has selected 803 third-country students and 133 third-country scholars, among which are 32 of Ukrainian nationality, ...>>>>>

*** July 6, 2005. Internship at INTERIGHTS (London, September-December) *** Interights is an international legal centre based in London which develops and promotes the legal protection of human rights worldwide. Set up as a charity in 1982, in co-operation with lawyers, non-governmental ...>>>>>

*** July 6, 2005. Motorway bridges for frogs? Clarification The Russian news agency ITAR TASS today circulated a story entitled: EU granted 10 million Euros to build road crossings for frogs across the international motorway in Lviv Oblast/ ЕС выделил 10 млн евро на создание переходов для ...>>>>>

*** July 5, 2005. CALL FOR APPLICATION PROJECT THE NEW EUROPEAN BORDERS: A YOUNG PEOPLE POINT OF VIEW Description: The project THE NEW EUROPEAN BORDERS: A YOUNG PEOPLE POINT OF VIEW brings together 40 youngsters from Ukraine, Estonia, Italy and Russia. During the exchange 4 groups ...>>>>>

*** July 4, 2005. On July 5 there will be a press-conference held dedicated to the installation of new equipment at the Central State Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine (CSLVM) which has received international accreditation. *** The Minister of Agrarian Policy Oleksandr Baranivsky, Head of ...>>>>>

*** July 1, 2005. International Interdisciplinary Conference on Children's Rights: An Appraisal of the CRC *** In 2006, more than fifteen years will have passed since the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child came into force. Since then, many child-related studies in several scientifi ...>>>>>

*** June 30, 2005. Invitation to the Press *** Mr.David Lipman, Director of Resources, Information and Inter-Institutional Relations of European Commission DG RELEX would like to invite you to a press conference on “RECENT DEVELOPMENTS INSIDE THE EU AND EU-UA RELATIONS” When: 1 July 200 ...>>>>>

*** June 29, 2005. Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program for the 2006-2007 *** The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) welcomes applications to its Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program for the 2006-2007 fellowship year. Established in 2001 to enable activists, scholars, and journ ...>>>>>

*** June 29, 2005. The Project Officer (PO) will assist the Project Manager in carrying out the management of projects *** His or her role will be to undertake the day-to-day coordination of the project. This will include conducting research, supporting the development of project work plan ...>>>>>

*** June 25, 2005. A Statement of the NGO “Foundation for Fair Justice” on crisis of financing of Ukrainian judiciary *** In course of several years the judges, officials, representatives of non-governmental organizations and independent experts have been speaking about insufficient financ ...>>>>>

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