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*** November 2, 2004. Presidential Day 2004 May Enter the Book of Records of Ukraine *** "Presidential Day 2004" event opened at UNIAN from October 31 (2 p.m.) to November 1 (1 p.m.) may be recognized as the longest press conference in the history of Ukraine, and enter the "Book of Records ...>>>>>

*** November 1, 2004. And tomorrow was… (IMI) Without any exaggeration, this election campaign was unprecedented in many respects. Ukraine has never witnessed so great a mass of information, political technologies, manipulations and social tension. This election can be somehow compared to ...>>>>>

*** October 28, 2004. Call for Proposals for the Ambassador's Fund for Cultural Preservation The U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs is pleased to anounce a call for proposals for the 2004 Ambassador's Fund for Cultural Preservation Program. The Fund was e ...>>>>>

*** October 28, 2004. 5 Kanal went on hunger strike # Yesterday, on 9:05 p.m. in the program “Tchas” Andriy Shevtchenko announced the staff of 5 Kanal (The 5th Channel) went on hunger strike. The journalists are protesting against the pressure onto the TV channel. The decision was made by ...>>>>>

*** October 28, 2004. Kharkiv journalist apartment searched # Yesterday, on 25 October, journalist and editor in chief of the Kharkiv weekly “Objective-No” Nahalia Statsivko filed a statement to the police department denouncing the unapproved searching with which the police had proceeded i ...>>>>>

*** October 28, 2004. Daily Telegraph: Ukrainian campaign tainted by violence 27-10-2004# The "Daily Telegraph" is reporting today on the course of election campaign in Ukraine: Corrupt leadership of former Soviet republic is resorting to dirty tricks to try to retain power in this ...>>>>>

*** October 28, 2004. EC Delegation Kyiv, Press Release Declaration by the Heads of Mission of the European Union in Kyiv on the presidential election process in Ukraine *** The European Union has underlined to the Ukrainian authorities on a regular basis the importance of holding free an ...>>>>>

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