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*** April 18, 2005. Project “Improvement of Logistic Services and Marketing Channels for SMEs in Agriculture” announces its commencement *** The Ministry of Agrarian Policy of the Ukraine and the Delegation of the European Commission to Ukraine initiated Project “Improvement of Logistic Se ...>>>>>

*** April 14, 2005. In Kiev Coalition NGO that will try to influence processes of acceptance of the state decisions will operate. In the end of last week, in Kiev in the resource center "GURT", the third took place, but the main (constituent) session of the Coalition of public organization ...>>>>>

*** April 13, 2005. Do you feel you belong in Europe? What does it mean to European? What is Europe for you? *** If you are interested in these questions and feel you can contribute, this is your chance to participate in the MY EUROPE creative writing competition. We are looking for a pie ...>>>>>

*** April 13, 2005. Yesterday on the ІІ Forum of legal experts of Ukraine, our organization had been presented a documentary film *** This film is made behind events of year in the field of protection of the rights. It reflects those difficult processes which are happening in the Ukrainian ...>>>>>

*** April 12, 2005. 300 Ukrainian Secondary Schools Started Preparation of EU Information Days *** A press-conference on the Delegation’s project “EU Information Days for secondary schools in rural areas” will take place on Wednesday, 15 April 2004, at 11:30 in the premises of the Delegati ...>>>>>

*** April 7, 2005. THE UKRAINE CITIZEN ACTION NETWORK (UCAN) *** PARLIAMENTARY CITIZEN ACCESS GRANTS In partnership with the Indiana University Parliamentary Development Project (IUPDP), implementer of USAID’s Democratic Parliamentary Strengthening Program for Ukraine, UCAN announces ...>>>>>

*** April 7, 2005. The European Commission and the Government of Ukraine reached agreement on the text of a new steel agreement for years 2005-2006 *** On 30-31 March 2005, representatives of the Government of Ukraine and the European Commission held consultations in Kiev on the steel agre ...>>>>>

*** April 5, 2005. On March, 31st, in « the House of Cinema », within the limits of festival « Days of cinema under human rights « the Ukrainian context », it has been presented film of manufacture of a television studio « Rule of the Law Foundation *** On viewing traditional Kiev festival ...>>>>>

*** April 4, 2005. Seminar for journalists from Ukrainian regional mass media *** Dear media representatives, Following the endorsement of the EU-Ukraine Action Plan on 21 February 2005 the Delegation of the European Commission to Ukraine on 26 April 2005 will hold a one-day seminar for j ...>>>>>

*** April 1, 2005. What's all this about the UN Study on Violence? *** Information for Children This publication provides information to children about the Regional Consultation for the UN Study on Violence against Children in East Asia Pacific. It is produced by members of the Regio ...>>>>>

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